6 Thoughts on “Striptease

  1. Hoi hoi,

    Supergave weblog heb je gemaakt šŸ˜€

    Bij deze nodig ik je uit om ook eens een bezoekje aan mijn weblog te brengen.

    Groetjes Thijs

  2. Douwe, wat heb je dit mooi geschreven, maar de biertjes zijn water geworden, maar ook weer een onbelangrijk deel. vr.gr.anne

  3. Peter Scherwat on 8 juni 2005 at 23:19 said:

    So true Douwe, so true. I already read this a couple of times, both to practise my Dutch, but also because it meant a lot to me. It really shows what life is all about, and that the smaller things, those that you may not think about all that often, actually means a lot.
    Peter Scherwat

  4. Thanks Peter for your “international” reaction from Sweden. Congratulations that you can understand this Dutch story as a result of listening to Dutch (offshore-)radio stations in the past. I would not understand one word in a Swedish story like this. Did you already translate the story for your American girlfriend Judy?

  5. Peter Scherwat on 9 juni 2005 at 09:15 said:

    Learning and understanding Dutch is just one positive side-effect of what the radio hobby has brought me over the years. Not only can I listen to and understand Dutch radio of today or any great old tape in my collection, reading related magazines or just anything in Dutch is perfectly possible. I may not understand EVERY word, but certainly good enough for it all to make sense.
    Julie still goes to school here, this is her last week before the summer break. Her Swedish is quite OK these days, but to get the finer points in the intelligent topic story I will have to throw if from Dutch to English. Good practice for the old brain.

  6. Sorry for the incorrect spelling of your girlfriends name Peter. Of cause it was Julie. Give her my regards and enjoy the upcoming summer in Sweden.

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